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A-Viva Beauty Small Snow Man Nail Shiner 3"x+-1.5"

A-Viva Beauty Small Snow Man Nail Shiner  3"x+-1.5"

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A-Viva Beauty Small Snow Man Nail Shiner 3"x+-1.5"



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A-Viva Cuticle Jojoba Oil: The key to a great manicure isn't found in a bottle of nail polish. Truth is, when it comes to neat and healthy looking nails, you need to start at the source. Like the roots of hair, a nail's cuticle will determine the health of a nail. Maintaining the cuticle is the first and proper step to guaranteeing you a perfectly manicured set of nails. A-viva Cuticle oil heals nails from deep down and within. While it absorbs into skin at the base of a nail, hands are given an extra booth of moisture. Hands are left soft to the touch and easy to manicure. Because cuticle is packed with intense moisturizers, a little goes a long way and only a pinch is needed to leave your hands and cuticles smooth to the touch. Be careful not to use too much oil as excess oil can leave things messy.For easy to apply cuticle oil, cuticle oil pens are the way to go. A-viva Beauty Cuticle Oil is available in pen applicators. This makes it easy to accurately apply the necessary amount-without all the mess. Simply "draw" the oil onto thecuticle edges and massage in. When choosing which best oil to use on your skin, remember that natural is always best. For instance, jojoba oil is unlike other common oils (vegetable, corn, etc.) and is almost a near match to human sebum-those oils that the body naturally produces. Unlike other water-based oils, jojoba oil will not easily evaporate instead leaving you with a moisturizer that will oil. A-Viva Small Snow Man Nail Shiner 2 Sided Size 3"x+-1.5": Step 1 - Use the green (the coarsest) side horizontally on your nail bed to refine it and remove ridges Step 2 - Use the printed side and rub lightly, your finger nail will shine. A-Viva Eco Nail File: The A-Viva Eco Nail File is made with natural, sustainable materials for perfect natural and healthy nails.

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Label Information
Indications:Benefits of Jojoba Oil: Prevents and stops the appearance of Fordyce Granules Deep Moisturizers, often used to heal and soothe overly stretched or work skin (for example, stretched earlobes) Anti-fungal remedy-helps control mildew outbreaks Makes skin soft to the touch 24-hour moisturizer Can help prevent skin blemishes like acne

  • "The Perfect Kit For Perfect Nails"

  • The Aviva Manicure Set Includes:

  • 1 A-Viva Cuticle Jojoba Oil

  • 1 A-Viva Nail Shiner 2 Sided

  • 1 A-Viva Pink Eco Nail File 7.0"

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